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Everything is so much easier with the new apps from TROPEANO Di-Vino!

Simply load the app!

In your internet browser (Safari or Google), go to When the page opens, press the Forward function on your device
(see image)

... and then...

A new window will open with various icons. Shortly afterwards, the TROPEANO image will appear in the icon 'Add to home screen'. Click on it, and the icon will appear with a text box. Shorten the name to TROPEANO so that it matches the width of the icon. Then simply select 'Add' from the Edit toolbar at the top, and the app is yours.

Congratulations! You can now connect with us instantly, at the touch of a button!

If you currently have the website open...

the FeedReady icon will appear automatically at the top of the screen. If you want, you can now download the app for free straight from the app store. Or straight from here. To do this, use one of the buttons / links

With the new app FeedReady we keep you personally updated...
You're guaranteed never to miss another event! From now on, find out straight from the horse's mouth when the new menu is available and which other treats we have in store on our list of daily specials.

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