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The Restaurant

The Restaurant
A treat for body and soul
A good meal delights our senses and brings a little joy to our hearts. Take care of your body and your soul will sing;
keep your soul happy and life will be beautiful. At Tropeano, our mission is to create this sense of well-being for your special day or evening at our restaurant.

für italienische

We believe traditional Italian cuisine is the essence of good food. Long before gourmet restaurants became the trend, good food was being prepared in kitchens all across Italy – with fresh ingredients from the earth and sea, combined with time, love and intuition. We add a dash of fine creativity to this mix in our kitchen, preserving the essence of old recipes but interpreting and presenting the dishes in a contemporary way. We also understand that the right wine brings out the best in every good Italian meal. So we maintain a wine cellar with storage for about 300 wines that have been personally selected by your host, Biagio Tropeano, an internationally renowned sommelier.

We look forward to delighting your tastebuds.
Your host and sommelier Biagio Tropeano
and his kitchen and service team

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The restaurant and wine bar Tropeano Di-Vino is located in the oldest timber-framed house in the heart of Kirchrode in Hanover. Food lovers from the region and beyond have gathered here since 2003. We make a point of making our guests feel welcome, be it for a glass or two of wine, a meal for two, with friends or a family group.
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