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Wine Academy

   On the road to wine...

...Step by step into the world of wine

My Basic Wine Courses are aimed at anyone who enjoys wine, and provide an introductory overview of the world of wine.

Basic I
Dry/sweet, fruity/spicy, lean/full-bodied, young or mature?
In this course, I introduce you to the language of wine, the most important grape varieties and the main features of wine through tasting.

Tasting of ten wines,
inc. bread and water EUR 60,00

Basic II
Advanced seminar building on Basic I. This course focuses on the most important growing areas, stages of maturity, and types and styles of wine, based on twelve distinctive wines made from different grape varieties.

Tasting of twelve wines,
inc. bread and water EUR 65,00

Basic III
Sensory seminar. The road continues with concentrated smelling and tasting. Special aroma samples give deeper insights into the world of wine. Wine flaws and typical samples of the most important grape varieties are introduced.

Tasting of ten wines,
inc. bread and water EUR 68,00

I accompany you on this journey of the senses along the path of wine tasting and look forward to spending interesting, informative and enjoyable hours with you.

Other seminars and courses:

Vouchers for all events on demand

■ Seminar Sensory quality of wines
■ Large white wine seminar
■ Large red wine seminar
■ Seminar on growing regions
■ Seminar on champagne and sparkling wines
■ Seminar on sweet wines
■ Seminar on cheese and wine
■ Olive oil seminar
■ Chocolate & wine
■ Course on the connection between wine and food
■ Culinary wine tours - typical regional dishes with corresponding wines (at the Tropeano Di-Vino restaurant)

The maximum number of participants at any course or seminar is twelve people.

With the exception of the culinary wine tour.

Koppelweg 15 ■ 30655 Hanover
Tel.: [05 11] 45 90 930
Fax: [05 11] 563 76 78


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