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The Wine Academy

Wine Academy

 The Wine Academy

The path to wine connoisseurship

Most people are aware of the importance of matching food with wine. However, what many may not know is that the sommelier also takes into consideration factors such as the composition of the guests, the mood, the season and even the weather when recommending the perfect wine. Mastering this art takes time and experience. If you'd like to follow this path, out of personal or professional interest, we offer the opportunity to expand your knowledge of wine and become an expert.

The Tropeano Wine Academy is the place to refine good taste. In our seminars, you will become familiar with the subtleties of the language of wine and learn about the different wine-growing regions, stages of grape maturity and types of wine. The connection between wine and food is another of the many topics we introduce, along with the art of attentive smell and taste, an essential skill for any wine connoisseur.

Your journey of the senses will be accompanied by one of the most renowned wine experts in Germany. Biagio Tropeano's career began in 1976 in Milan where he studied at Amerigo Vespucci, a hospitality management school. Over the years, his expertise developed into a true passion and today he runs the restaurant and wine bar Tropeano Di-Vino, which has a wine cellar of 300 wines from all over Italy. In 2006, the internationally renowned sommelier established his wine academy to share his knowledge and passion with other wine lovers and gourmets.

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