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Dear friends

Friends & Links
Dear friends 

Most of my ideas are somewhat original, and I am especially glad to be given an opportunity to bring my creations to life.

I cannot thank you enough for your generous support!!!!!

Yours, Biagio Tropeano

Logo & The Gentlemen's Outfitters
The supplier of gentlemen's clothing for 
the photoshoot with our cooks

Original trademark suits created
and designed for the photoshoot
by Biagio Tropeano

I would especially like to thank Mrs Michaela Schupp 
for the confidence she has given me…..

Mrs Schupp, who was in charge of the first International Chocolate Awards 2014 and the first Chocolate Gourmet Festival 2014 in Hanover, asked me to join the jury and become a member of the Grand Jury.
It was a great honour for me to be a part of these two magnificent and successful events, and to put my senses to the test.

I look forward to working with her again in future!
Organizer of the first International 
Chocolate Awards 2014 in Hannover
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