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Coming soon & News

Events & News
Coming soon...
Tropeano's Jam Session
please check later...

Events & News...

A great honour for Biagio Tropeano  

DE S.A. German Sommelier Association, partner of WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) honours Biagio Tropeano for his life’s work and awards him the title

Ambassador for Italian wine

On Tuesday, 15th March the president of DE S.A Miss Sofia Biancolin, vice president
Gianni de Bellis, Master Sommelier Alessandro Scorsone and a representative of the Ministerial Council committee in Rome hand over a prize for his merit as host
and his commitment as ambassador of the Italian gourmet gastronomy.

A great honour for a man with greatest passion!

Gourmet Chocolate Festival

11 to 13 September 2015

30165 Hannover
Helmkestr. 5A

And of course, we had a surprise for you coming up with...

Biagio's Gourmet Chocolate Menu !!!

Where "sweet" and "savoury" blend in a marriage of flavours in your mouth

Exclusively at the Restaurant Tropeano Di-Vino
from 5 to 20 September 2015

Biagio's Gourmet Chocolate Menu

Venison carpaccio with wild berry mustard and chocolate shavings from the Bio-Los Ancones plantation Michel Cluizel from Santo Domingo

Friulian ravioli with chocolate from Felchlin
and oven-baked ragout of rabbit

Ox cheek braised with Bio Vintage Cru chocolate from the eastern Congo, on a bed of mashed potatoes, deep-fried celeriac and Swiss chard

Chocolate lasagnette with chocolate from
Beni Wild Harvest wild cocoa in Bolivia and
Esmeralda Milk Bio with sea salt, accompanied by
raspberries and maraschino cherries 
on a caramel sauce

Picnic in the City – Great fun at the photo-shoot!

nobilis Esslust has invited us for their newest report ‘‘Picknick in the City‘‘ to present a picnic. 
The result is quite impressive...
"The chef of Italian gourmet restaurant "Tropeano di-Vino" prepared a basket of       Mediterranean classics for our Esslust-Picnic. A real pleasure for all senses!"

Spargel-Erdbeer Salat mit Gambas
Auberginenauflauf mit Mozarella
Huhn in Zitrone
Panna Cotta mit Himbeeren
Opera à la carte

Fantastic Evening at Tropeano Di-Vino under the symbol of Friendship! A Big Thank to the two talented Artists Ruzanna and Karine Minasyan and all the guests and Friends for this unforgettable Evening.

Chocolate Awards 2015

7 to 10 May 2015 in Hannover
Biagio Tropeano has been joining the jury
and a member of the Grand Jury again this year

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